How Did I Become Your Go-To Expert?


I first got really jazzed about health and fitness as a senior in college. After college graduation, I did a little soul searching and decided to get a Master’s in Human Nutrition while I worked in Special Education (because I figured if I was going to learn about food and nutrition I should probably get a job to put food and nutrition on my own table). For 3 years, I worked every day with kids who had developmental differences like autism or behavioral issues like ADD and ADHD. I still love working with these kids, our work just looks a bit different these days. There is so much naturopathic medicine has to offer these sweet kids to get them feeling like their best selves.

While I was finishing up my nutrition degree I discovered (and fell head over heels for) naturopathic medicine. It was like one of those eureka moments where everything I had just learned about food and how the body works was leading to taking everything next level with naturopathy. I attended National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon and became a naturopathic doctor and trained midwife.

These days I specialize in helping you go from feeling “blah” to “BOOM!” by identifying obstacles to health, eliminating symptoms, and optimizing wellness so you can live your best life. As a leader in integrative and natural medicine, I am an expert in both the science of modern medicine and the wisdom of traditional healing and have a lot of tools in my toolbox to help you reach your goals.

I frequently speak on health and nutrition topics and firmly believe that food is medicine. I’m also a big believe that our environment plays a big role in our health and things we are exposed to everyday in our homes and workplaces affect how we feel. In my blog, Dwelling Well, I really dive into this environmental aspect of health and how optimizing health really starts in our home.

In my downtime I try to find the balance between spending time with my family outdoors and binge watching reality tv.

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